Top Wellness Tips To Improve Productivity At Work

Wellness Tips
Wellness Tips
Wellness Tips
Wellness Tips

Our work style and workspace have a significant impact on our physical and emotional health. Most of our workplace practices negatively affect our productivity, as well as causes health issues. This is because our career or job-related activities are in direct conflict with our basic needs, and this is true in this time of new work from home culture due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Surveys show that we focus so much on finishing tasks that we changed our food habits, the way we move, and sleep. The purpose of this article is to discuss health tips to increase our productivity at work.

Sitting At Work

Most of our work involves prolonged hours of sitting, and this is bad for our health. Some of the health issues caused due to this are deep vein thrombosis, poor cardiac health, and metabolic issues. This can be reduced to a certain extent by walking after an hour of continuous sitting. You can also do minor stretching to loosen up the muscles and improve blood circulation. They have the added benefit of improving productivity and reducing mental fatigue. You must also know that many people either forget or ignore doing these minor remedies that have benefits in the long-term. Moreover, some companies offer standing desks for their employees at workplaces to avoid prolonged hours of sitting at their desks.

Reduce The Use Of Elevator

Elevators are common in all modern buildings and workplaces as they increase accessibility. But you need not use them always and instead climb the stairs as a healthier choice to get your body moving. Many companies encourage their employees to do this through various methods. For example, they use cues and prompts, attractively paint stairwells, remind about climbing stairs on the elevator, etc. Studies show that putting up signages about the benefits of taking the stairs will encourage people to use them. Also, this is one of the popular wellness tips promoted in many originations.

Excessive Eating

It is common to see people snacking while focused on their work, and this results in excess calorie consumption. When doing this, you eat faster than usual and end up consuming more food because you are not paying attention to what you eat. Some employers encourage their employees to bring homemade food and provide home-style cafeterias. This encourages mindful eating that has a positive effect on health, as well as work productivity.

Junk Food

Companies are reducing the availability of junk foods in their cafeterias, break rooms or kitchenettes. Also, they are negotiating contracts with food vendors or caterers to package foods in ways to encourage healthy eating habits. Some catering services are beginning to offer healthier choices considering the trend of health and wellness policies of organizations. For example, they provide smaller portions of sweets during celebrations like birthdays, retirements, or anniversaries. All these improvements at offices ensure improved overall well-being and productivity of employees.

Off-Hours Work-Related Messaging

It is common among employees to send work-related emails or text late at night, and this is especially true among young people. This is not good as the blue light emitted by screens has the effect of reducing the sleep-wake cycle, and thereby reducing the quality of restorative sleep. In the long-term, this affects productivity at work and increases stress levels. This can be avoided by checking emails and texts during normal work hours and informing clients or colleagues about the timing of work-related communications. Likewise, you need not attend to or respond to emails, calls, or texts during weekends.

Working When Sick

There is a misguided notion among workers that hard work means working when sick, but this is bad for your health. It prolongs the recovery time and has the effect of reducing the productivity of a team. Also, there is the potential risk of making healthy people sick. So, you must take leave when sick, and doing otherwise is not worth it.

Not Vacationing

Surveys show that many employees do not take paid vacations due to various reasons. Another such unhealthy practice is people working during vacation or holidays. You must not do this and make complete use of the time allotted for vacation. It is important to have off time from work as it helps to rejuvenate your mind and body. Furthermore, you must know that studies show that not taking regular vacations or holidays is one of the leading causes of depression. This also affects health in other ways like increasing the chances for heart and other cardiovascular diseases. So, getting a proper break from work is one of the most important wellness tips, and it has the benefit of improving productivity at work.

Staying Indoors

Most people spend more than or up to 90% of their work hours indoors, and hence they do not get the required amount of daily exposure to sunlight. This might result in vitamin D deficiency and may also impact sleep cycles. This can be avoided by going out for 15 to 30 minutes during the daytime.

These are some of the important health tips that you must keep in mind for improving productivity at work and overall wellbeing.